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Knowledge workers, those individuals whose production relives on information and ideas, now make up 40 percent of the American workforce.  Today's knowledge workers include scientists, engineers, programmers, project managers, academics, managers, lawyers, journalists, accountants, marketers, administrators.. in essence, any occupation where the acquisition, processing  and utilization of knowledge becomes a primary task.  There is a growing, necessary demand among knowledge workers for tools that enhance speed, flexibility and interactivity.

The power of Knowledge Worker Automation software lies in its ability to streamline work processes to improve ultimate output - Relata can help.

Relata improves the productivity of individuals and workgroups.

The following solutions help highlight the various ways knowledge workers use our products:

Personal Solutions

  • manage activities and calendar items, while automating some tasks
  • find and manage contact information
  • organize random notes and memos, and share them with others
  • access critical information away from home
  • synchronize contacts, activities and notes so they can be used on the go

Corporate / Enterprise Solutions

  • manage personal and corporate goals, and also focus on important areas
  • monitor and measure personal and workgroup productivity
  • centralize and share accounts with distributors
  • streamline work processes
  • increase portability of knowledge and information
  • collaborate with other users securely
  • increase efficiency of work distribution processes
  • share controlled documents and files
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